SEO Trends for 2014

2014 SEO Trends

Are you wondering where the SEO world is heading? As algorithm updates happen one after another, there is a question on how SEO is evolving. After all, applying SEO concepts on your website is no longer as simple as choosing a keyword and then optimizing your website title and other aspects with it. That will simply not work anymore especially when you have Panda and Penguin to evaluate your websites. What works now is not only a handful of methods. It is a group of methods that do not only comprise of ways to promote links but also of ways to ultimately promote your business as a brand.

Here are the top 5 concepts that I have observed. I am pretty sure that you may have noticed this as well.

How to be an Online Success with Search Engines

The following are some easy guidelines that will help your article become a roaring success with search engines.

An individual having a personal website or one where he or she plies her trade would realize that to succeed is difficult especially if no thought was given to the design of the site to cater to search engines and their behavior. It can be said that for a website to click requires the help of browser programs such as Google and Yahoo, but with careful consideration of generally-accepted SEO tactics, the individual can turn the tide to his or her website’s favor. What the website needs is to be ranked high among the results lists of these browsers.

How to Make Articles More Search Engine Friendly

Combining elements of search engine optimization and high quality written content can become the firm foundation of a website in gaining internet following. In SEO, a good article is one that maximizes the use of a few select keywords to achieve search engine visibility, as opposed to an article that merely suffuses itself with too many keywords to be considered as quality.

Writers can serve businesses one step further by writing articles that have genuine marketing value. In this respect, search engine friendly articles will pave the way to increased presence in the internet. While this has an obvious benefit to the website owner, a hidden fact is that SEO gives an advantage to the writer as well.

How one goes about writing effectively can be summarized in the following.

Common SEO Mistakes that Hurt PageRank

Search engine optimization is any strategy and its tactics employed by an online user to enhance a website’s PageRank. A high PageRank will result to a website being searched more frequently by browser programs, which has a direct effect on the amount of visitors that view the site. Enhancing PageRank demands intricate planning on the part of the SEO implementer. Careful thought should be given not to hurt page ranking because of sloppy SEO tactics. The following are some of the more common SEO mistakes made by eager implementers.

Duping Content

Duping content and using it in several websites poses disadvantages when it comes to getting indexed by search engines. These applications index any given content once only unless an update has been made to it. When a different site uses the exact same article, it will not return that particular website’s information as a query result as much as the original. What follows is a decrease in the latter site’s PageRank. Always use fresh and unique articles to prevent this from happening.

Effective SEO Techniques for Bloggers

Making blogs may look like child’s play to the non-blogger, but in reality running a blog site requires adequate know-how for it to succeed. With the increasingly becoming short attention spans of readers in the internet, everyone has his or her own blog site to post fresh pieces regularly on anything and everything under the sun. The problem with blog sites that needs to be addressed is attracting a blog audience and keeping it enraptured to blog material. Effective search engine optimization strategies will help the blogger in this regard.

Keyword Usage

The foundation of a good SEO strategy is acquiring good keywords and placing them correctly in the blog site and its contents. Keywords should be richly appointed to blogs, and must be prominent enough to help readers find them easily. They should be placed in a way that the written content will appear to be written naturally, and not a vehicle overstuffed with keywords. Without proper usage, there is a big possibility that the blog site will be difficult to search for using browser programs.

Using Backlinks in Anchor Text to Increase Google PageRank

Backlinks play a major role in activities aimed at gaining a web following and increasing Google page rank of a website. A mostly overlooked tool in this endeavor is the anchor text used to set up the backlinks. Certain optimization techniques can be employed with this component. Just using any text will not do at all to improve search engine ranking.

Anchor Text and its Relation to Links
Experience showed that backlinks are desirable to any SEO campaign to flourish. They serve to improve a site’s page rank. With the increasing awareness of this value of links, they have now become prime objectives in online business marketing. A backlink can be added to any HTML page such as blogs and social network pages. It is represented in these pages by the anchor text. Users click on the text to activate the link and access the web page it links to. By employing the tactic of using a target keyword to anchor a link, search engine visibility of a webpage will be doubly enhanced.

Making Local SEO Work for a Website

Local SEO Strategy

A website that only serves needs in a specific town or city should focus search engine optimization strategy locally. In lay terms, this means that it should make itself easily searched online by potential customers from its locale.

This is the kind of SEO that will best profit a local business. The following are some ways on how to implement it.

Local SEO Techniques On-page

Optimizing on-page means gearing meta tags and the page content to be search engine friendly. For an SEO campaign to focus locally, this entails using geographically-relevant keywords. Good, effective keywords in this category can be found through research. Regardless, the overall objective of any SEO effort remains the same in practicing this technique. The ultimate goal is still to gain search engine visibility and maintain quality content to attract visitors.

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