10 Penguin-Free SEO Techniques for Every Blogger


Every new blogger would like to see his or her blog on the first page of Google search. Although, it is very difficult to rank on the first page after Penguin affect, but if you plan SEO strategies then you can overcome the affect.

If you are new to blogging then you can follow 10 easy steps to implement penguin-free SEO. After implementing these steps, you can easily recover from a Penguin affect.

Understanding SEO Intelligence  

Google dominates among all other search engines. Core fundamentals of SEO remain unchanged, but it is complicated and changes on a regular basis.

Successful SEO is nothing but a good research. So it comes down to the content and keywords. Moreover, links to your blog from outside authority is very important. Bloggers must understand the basic SEO intelligence.

Effective Keywords

The next SEO technique is to implement effective keywords in your every blog post. Jot down all possible keywords and write them in Excel spreadsheet. Choose Keywords related to the topic of your blog.

Next, you must properly position all your keywords. It is very important to have an individual page for every keyword phrase. While optimizing your blog for keywords keep readers in mind.

Always use effective keywords and never load your blog with full of keywords. Google may ban you. So, mixing relevant keywords is right thing to do.

On-Page Intelligence

After choosing right keywords, you have to know on-page intelligence. On-Page intelligence means what is in your control. Understanding Title tag is the key thing.

According to my experience, title tag must be less than 70 characters and make sure that your keywords are scattered properly.

Surround your primary keywords with other related keywords. Hyperlink few keywords with authority links. I also recommend adding an ALT and title tag to images.

Buying Your Domain Name

One of the most important decisions is buying a domain name for your blog. You have to choose a name, which is available. For a domain name, I suggest two words with no numbers and hyphens.

Moreover, it must be .com extension with no longer than 25 characters. I always try my best to include primary keywords in a domain name.

Architecting Your Site

Designing your site can make or break your SEO intelligence. Make your home page a focal point. It should be dynamic so people will be more interested. Home page must be interactive.

Try to find out what people are doing online. You can include a video page in your website to make it more interesting. Always leave your visitors wanting for more.

You have to come up as an authority.

Site Mapping Techniques

Site mapping technique is quite an easy task. You must have a sitemap that is easily available for search engines. It is actually a blueprint of your entire blog. Most common location of sitemap is root domain.

Sitemap can help your blog to index faster in search engines. You can use Xml-sitemap website to create a sitemap. Make sure to include Meta tags.

Off-page intelligence

Off-page intelligence is the backbone of SEO because half of the secret is getting incoming links. More inbound links means more authority, which means more money. Do not try to get too many backlinks in short interval of time because Google may ban you.

Therefore, get incoming links naturally over a period of time. One easy way to get is through writing guest posts for different blogs.

Use anchor text. Usage of a keyword phrase must be less than 10%.

Press Release Goldmine

Never underestimate the power of press release. Major news stations search for press releases. If you want to write a press release then go to prweb. All major search engines look highly for press releases.

Press release rank very high for what they are, because they are highest quality of incoming links.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is re-engineering or remodeling your competitors. This is your instant shortcut to success online.

You can go to Google and type ALLINANCHOR: followed by the website of your competitor. After clicking “Search”, you will see name of all other websites that he is running.

You can learn many things from their websites.

Beating Google Algorithm

Last one is beating Google search algorithm. You have to keep up with the changing technology because Google keep changing it search algorithm.

SEO is never going to be permanent, therefore keep experimenting otherwise your blog will become obsolete.


Finally, in conclusion I would say that you could implement my 10 Penguin-free SEO steps to rank high in Google search engine.

  1. Understanding SEO Intelligence
  2. Effective Keywords
  3. On Page Intelligence
  4. Buying Your Domain Name
  5. Architecting Your Site
  6. Site Mapping Techniques
  7. Off Page Intelligence
  8. Press Release Goldmine
  9. Competitive Intelligence
  10. Beating Google Algorithm
This article is written by Pritam Nagrale who writes about SEO & blogging tips on Jobs8Home. If you are concerned about traffic or not earning money from your blog than visit this blog.


  1. Great blog post. Penguin affect is trending right now. I hope you will tell more about Penguin affect in future blog.

    However, this blog post is great. Implementing these 10 steps will be important.

    Thank You!

  2. I think this is a great article. My blog was hit by Penguin – I’m not 100% certain why though because the content is all of magazine quality. I think the issue is a few “spammy” backlinks pointing to my site (no idea where they came from, either). Oh well – I can’t wait until Google allows us to manually discount links in Webmaster Tools – I’m hoping this will allow me to fix my SERPS. Fingers crossed!

  3. Great breakdown, with the latest updates Google has been making site owners need to be cautious with what they’re doing.

    • I agree with the last comment there, don’t say beating the algorithm, rather it is wise to go according to it. You never know when your bad tricks will get you a penalty.

  4. Great write up here on post Panda/Penguin SEO, however don’t forget a couple critical factors: Backlinking with your brand and website name and increasing social signals with social sharing.

  5. Thanks Mr. Pritam Nagrale for posting valuable blog. it`s right if we want to perform well on search engine we need to optimize our blog or website according to panda and penguin updates. Always try to create unique and effective content which helpful for users and according to google algo.

  6. Regards to your #10 conclusion, I don’t know if it’s as much as ‘beating’ google’s algorithm as it is of ‘abiding’ by it. When website owners design smart & promote smart, they should be just fine.

  7. Thanks for sharing a knowledgeable blog with us, as we all know that google updated algorithm within a one or months. So get top rank its vry difficult task for SEOs but that techniques would be helpful

  8. Thanks Pritam for a great thoughts but i did’nt understant why you wrote in your blog “SEO is never going to be permanent” ..if you can explain then it would be more helpful to better understant for others also and please share with us more off-page techniques with us then we can achieve better rank in google

  9. All are guessing about useful technique but no one can provide surety of google result, Google completely working on its style and now it was focusing on ppc.

  10. most of these tips are not longer effective, but good title and links (in and out) are suggested to work on.

  11. Thanks for sharing the knowledge :
    I think we should also give emphasis on On page optimization, Mainly the site structure , Site navigation , Site crawlabilty by Google Bot , Sitemap submission , Meta Tag & Title Tag optimization and most importantly the great contents.
    These technique along with proper site promotion will defiantly help webmasters . this is my belief.

  12. It’s 60 and 40. Since this post was published SEO has undergone a few major changes. Nice read though. Thanks

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