4 WordPress SEO Tools You Definitely Need

The growth of the internet use has resulted in a massive increase in the number of websites displayed after searches are conducted by the various search engines. One of the most commonly used search engine optimization tools is blogging. Blogging enhances search engine optimization through key wording and social media integration. Being the most commonly used blogging platforms, WordPress provides a number of SEO (search engine optimization ) plugins which when effectively used can have a positive impact on a business website SEO. The most commonly used WordPress plugins are open source plugins. Here are the 4 WordPress SEO Tools you definitely need for all your blogging SEO solutions.

1. Platinum SEO pack

Platinum SEO pack is a search engine optimization plugin that enhances search engine optimization through the following features. First platinum SEO pack automatically generates Meta tags and Meta data which are very effective for search engine optimization. Also platinum SEO pack gives the user an option of adding text, setting the relevant keyword and gives an option of listing your post followed or not this also helps to increase a website search engine result ranking. Other features that are associated with platinum SEO park is that the plugin help to produce over 301 redirects to a certain page which is also a good Search engine optimization technique. Finally, platinum SEO Park generates titles for the various search engines hence aiding search engine optimization. Though all in one SEO plugin users can migrate to use of the Platinum SEO pack by just one click of a button, there is a difference between the two plugins. The differences between this two includes the fact that all in one SEO pack has limited control of per post basis does not have 301 redirects and it does not support no index or no follow per host basis. This makes SEO platinum pack more superior.

2. SEO ultimate

Another very effective SEO plugin is the SEO ultimate. The most effective feature that greatly aids SEO is the tag and the title description editor which enhances editing by putting related pages in one screen hence aiding editing. The features helps in saving time when editing and also enables one to make sure that the he\she does not duplicate things while writing content. Originality is essential in search engine optimization since today, search engines have a mechanism of detecting content which is specifically formatted for search engine optimization.

3. SEO smart links

As you know, one of the most commonly used SEO techniques is link building. An SEO smart link is a WordPress plugin that works to generate automatic links based on the previous pages and post with the keyword phrases contained in them. As a result a website search engine ranking is significantly improved.

4. SEO all in one pack

The last among the top 4 SEO WordPress plugins is SEO all in one park. The plugin has similar characteristics with those of the Platinum SEO pack but has the following advantages. First the plugin support e-commerce, it is an original version and used by a large community.

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  1. Are these plug ins available for both and What are the costs for these plug ins?

  2. Using SEO all in one pack – great little tool, so useful for “noobs” like me. Highly recommended!

  3. All tools and plugins mentioned in article are great. I used all in one seo pack but later, i moved to WP SEO BY Yoast which is better than the previous one. Great info

  4. My favorit plugin seo image alt and Wp SEO by yoast.

  5. Yoast SEO….that is all.

    But seriously, the features in Yoast are awesome. They also have an analytics plugin as well that rocks.

  6. Awesome list, I’ve only used SEO ultimate but i’m definitely gonna check the others out now. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Judy Helton

    I use SEO platinum although I must admit I also love Yoast SEO plugin.

    Beside that, it is very important to manually optimize your WordPress before you even start with plugins.

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