5 Free Keyword Research Tools

Before you even build your website you need to plan out the topic of each category and each page.  One of the first steps you need to take is keyword research.  There are numerous ways to conduct your research and below we have provided five free keyword tools to help.

Over the years I’ve used many of the tools out there.  Below are the five that I use the most in order of how much I use them.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool
In my opinion and many will agree this is the most useful keyword tool out there.  There are so many options within Google’s keyword tool you need to ensure its set up correctly for what you need.

The first step would be to make sure you have selected “exact match” on the left hand side.  Any other option will just give you unrealistic data.  I would also be sure to select the country you want to target.  No need to get data from the UK if you only ship or provide your services in the USA.


This is my all around favorite SEO research tool.  Aherfs has several helpful features including backlinks, social signal and competitive analysis.  The competitive analysis is good to see how many backlinks and social mentions the top ten websites have for a particular keyword.

When I preform keyword research after I use Google Keyword Tool I then find a couple of websites that rank well in Google for my keywords.  I then plug their domain name into the Aherfs SERP Analysis tool.  This will provide me with the keywords that my competitors rank for.  I often find related keywords that I wouldn’t have found via Google’s Keyword Tool.


My third favorite tool can help you find those longtail keywords.  UberSuggest provides more keyword data than you will ever need.  What I like to do is after I find a medium size keyword I look it up in UberSuggest to find related search phrases.  This will help with on-page optimization as well as give you ideas for sub-pages.


This tool is similar to Ahrefs as it will allow you to spy on your competitor’s keywords.  They offer both free and paid version.  The free version is limit but can still get you on the right track.  What is especially nice about this tool it will also display the PPC keywords your competitors are bidding on.


This has been an industry staple for years and one of the first keywords tools I’ve used.  If you want to use the free version you will need to sign up for a free account.  Another good feature is they have a competition feature as well.
Bonus Tip: Use a dictionary or a synonym tool.  You will find lots more keywords and often times synonyms will help move up your similar keywords as well.

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  1. But sometimes the cpc shown in adwords tool of Google is not believable for few keywords. Is there any other tool apart from adwords tool of Google to gives exact information of a given keyword?

  2. Very nice post, i really enjoyed well after reading this post, and i was unknown about searching keyword but after getting this post i fully understood,Thanks a lot dear.

    Rajneesh Kumar Pandey

  3. Hi,
    what about keyword spy.
    its free version is good enough.

  4. I wasn’t sure how this works, but I get it now, Thanks for the info!

  5. Kris, I’m not sure there is another tool that does this, but google adwords is a very good one. I think you have to pass an exam for it, though… not sure.

  6. a lot of tools available and some are customizeable.

  7. Thanks Stuart. I hadn’t heard of AHREFS before but I’ll definately be looking into that. Great article.

  8. Hmm i hope you do not get annoyed with this question, but how much does a website like yours earn?

  9. I am using Google adwords, and have been very happy with that. I will check out Ahrefs as I had not heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the info. I have used all those tools except semrush. Doesn’t work too well for us Aussies. One awesome tool I have just started using is scrapebox. This has allowed me to find awesome blogs like yours to get info on seo information that I would not have otherwise found.

    An awesome free tool, with limited use is majestic seo so you can see other sites with great rankings and links. This allows us to reach out to those sites as well and see what great content they are sharing.

    I love it, I can now reach out to like minded people, interact and share.

  11. Of all the 5 free keyword tools, which one tops for you? I bet many would choose Google.

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