2 Great Tools for Finding High Quality Backlinks

One of the most basic concepts of SEO is that your search engine rankings can be improved if you get links to your site on other high-ranking sites. We’ve seen time and time again that Google appreciates links from an expert on your topic more than links from low-quality link farms with little or no relevance to your site. But finding high-quality sites that are relevant to your site topic may, at times, be overwhelmingly difficult. Here are two of the best tools for finding the high-quality prospects that you’re looking for.


SEOmoz’s SEO Toolbar
Everyone in the SEO world knows about PageRank: the higher your PageRank, the more authoritative Google perceives you to be on the whole. SEOmoz has developed a number of tools that are comparable to PageRank, such as their MozRank and MozTrust metrics. The best of SEOmoz’s metrics are combined into one simple and easy-to-use metric: Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100. The higher your score, the more authoritative your site and the higher you can be expected to rank on a Google search. This metric has become so popular, so easy-to-use, and so accurate that many are beginning to believe that SEOmoz’s Domain Authority is a better predictor of your standings with Google than PageRank itself. Whether you buy into this idea or not, Domain Authority’s larger scale (0 to 100 rather than PageRank’s 0 to 10) allows you to see greater nuance when comparing the authority of one site vs. another.

The easiest way to use Domain Authority is to download SEOmoz’s SEO Toolbar. If you visit SEOmoz’s SEO Toolbar, you can download the toolbar for Firefox and Chrome without signing up for an SEOmoz membership, free of charge. Once downloaded, the toolbar will show you the Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics for whatever page you are on. In addition, downloading the toolbar will allow you to see these metrics listed under each listing within a Google search, allowing you to see the bigger picture for each site without having to actually look at them.

The SEOmoz toolbar is free and easy-to-use, and it will help you to determine whether the site you are looking at is worth the effort of contacting and networking in order to get a link.


Majestic SEO’s Majestic Site Explorer
Did you ever have a research paper that you had to write, but you couldn’t find any sources? I know that when I encountered that problem, I went to a standard college student cheat: I found 1 source that was directly related to the topic of my paper and I went through that source’s citations. More often than not, this solution produced a number of high-quality sources that each had highly relevant information for my paper. Believe it or not, this technique can also be used to find high-quality link opportunities for your site, and Majestic SEO’s Majestic Site Explorer is the best tool to make it happen.

While you can use the Majestic Site Explorer without signing up for a Majestic SEO account, you’re missing out on some of the best tools that the site explorer has to offer. Majestic SEO has developed their own metrics for determining the value of a site: Citation Flow and Trust Flow. While these metrics may not be as accurate as Domain Authority or PageRank, they can still give you a great perspective on how well a site is doing as far as their linking is going.

Perhaps the best part of the Majestic Site Explorer is its list of Top Backlinks. This list can be either “Fresh” (best backlinks within the last 60 days) or “Historic” (best backlinks of all time). The Majestic Site Explorer sorts all of the backlinks to the site in question, and then organizes them based on overall quality. The list will even show you what anchor text was used for the link and whether the link is a regular link, a redirect, an image link, or a no-follow link. In addition, the Top Backlinks list will show you the Citation Flow and Trust Flow for each linking site, allowing you to determine whether they are a legitimately high-quality site.

Just as you can take one source’s citations and make them your own, you can use the Majestic Site Explorer to take a high-quality site that is related to yours and discover where their most valuable links are coming from. Once you know where these links are located and what type of links they’re getting, you can try for the same types of links yourself. After all, if it worked for them, why can’t it work for you?


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  1. Ryan Wilson

    Interesting article about the tool bar from SEOmoz. When making backlinks, that tool could really come in handy. What would say is more important, the Domain Authority, or the Page Authority?

    • Hi Ryan, my experience is that the Domain Authority is more important than the Page Authority on the first run!

  2. I tried to download the SEOmoz but got a warning that it may not be safe when in Mozilla Firefox. Is it safe to download?

  3. Good question, Ryan. I would definitely say the Domain Authority. Every time a new post or page is created, it automatically starts out with a Page Authority of 0, with no links directing to it. So often, Page Authority won’t give you an accurate assessment of how much value you’d really get from a link on that page. Domain Authority, on the other hand, is consistent on every page of a domain, meaning that you’re guaranteed to get that value carrying over to your site via your link.

    Adria Saracino over at SEOmoz actually explains it quite well in this article:

  4. Certainly these are great tools, especially the majestic seo explorer.

  5. I was able to downloade the SEOMOZ adn it shows up now on searches so thank you so much. It is quite helpful.
    Do the number of links have any significance>
    And what is “pro only”?
    Thanks for this post

  6. Thanks guys, helped a lot. Already using market samurai but did not know about these too + the best that they are free of charge.


  7. I have actually had great success using Majestic to find competitor’s links and then get the same one for my site. It is time-consuming but works….

    Majestic SEO is highly recommended!

  8. I also find ahrefs as another good tool. However, it can generate free 10 backlinks in a day.

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