7 Easy SEO Tweaks That You Can Do On Your Own in An Hour

Many people think that SEO consumes a lot of time and it requires you to spend huge money. Yes, it is true that for good SEO results you need to input all your efforts and dedicate much of your time. However, there are plenty of tasks that are less time consuming and still are significant enough to boost the ranking of your site. Here are 7 easy SEO tweaks that you can do on your own in an hour:

Enhance Your Title Tag
Usually, when Google bots crawl your website, the title tag plays a key role in letting in find out the subject of your site. Tweaking the title tag is an important task which can be done easily in few minutes. The title tag should include your target keyword as well as your branded keyword along with descriptive phrase.

Write Quality Post and Publish it
One thing that is common with search engines and your target audience is that both love to see new posts on your website. Writing a 500+ words article can take nearly 40 minutes of your time. You can even write a shorter post. When you want to post fresh content, you can think of following ideas:

  • Share your views on recent news related to your industry.
  • Share your views on a book that you read recently which is related to your business.
  • Write on a personal experience of a business issue that you overcame recently.
  • Write an inspiring post that will encourage your readers to take some kind of action.


Fix Broken Internal Links
Your site will not be indexed if your site contains plenty of broken links. You need to spend some time in finding out those broken links that can lead to missed opportunities. If you own WordPress powered site, you can make use of Broken Link Checker plugin that will scan all the pages of your site and let you know all the broken links it finds our during the scan. If you are not using WordPress, you can visit, a free site that will scan and let you know all the bad links. You can effectively use these tools to fix those bad links.

Share on Social Networking Sites
A great way to improve your site’s SEO in an entertaining way is to market your site’s content on leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Within an hour, you can share your content, retweet status updates, and interact with people who are conversing about your site.

Optimize The Images
Image optimization is an integral part of SEO. Whether it is image search or general search, images can help in driving healthy traffic to your site. Here are some image optimization tweaks that you can do in an hour’s time:

  • Include target keywords in image file names.
  • Resize large-sized images to the right display size that suits your web page content.
  • Make use of ALT tags along with descriptive text that contains your target keywords.
  • Since captions are known to grab reader’s attention; hence you should add captions to your images.


Adding Caching Plugin
Google prefers to rank those websites that loads quickly and offers good user experience. A great way to enhance your site’s performance is to add a caching plugin. It allows the storage of all the data that has been accessed before and thereby improves the performance of site by not making it use the resources repeatedly to bring up the files of the website.

Add “rel=author” tags
An effective SEO tweak that you can do by spending less time is to add your “rel=author” tags. After setting it up, Google will display additional information related to you in the Google listings. It can show your featured image, your name, your Google+ Circles, and links to the other articles posted by you.


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