Best WordPress Plugins For Comments

If you are the type of WordPress blog owner who allows visitors to comment, then it quite naturally goes without saying that you will need at least one or more good plugins that help in doing so.  The plugin(s) should be easy for the visitor to access and encourage comments.  Now, with it being the WordPress platform, there are obviously plenty to choose from.  In this article, we will go into four of the ones we consider to be among the best.

First up is the Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin.  Now we know that is a mouthful, but this is really an excellent tool to have in your comment arsenal.  One thing inherent in WordPress blogs is that they are a magnet for automated spammers.  Growmap solves that problem by generating a javascript created checkbox, invisible to spambots.  Instead of having to enter the traditional captcha, all the commenter has to do is check the box and that’s it.

Second, we have what may be the most popular comment oriented plugin of them all, CommentLuv.  This plugin has more features than can be explained in the space allotted here.  One of the greatest features of CommentLuv is that it allows folks making comments to view a link to their previous post on the blog.  This serves to greatly encourage more people to participate in your blog.  It is also chock full of anti-spam mechanisms, as it should be.

Then we have the widely used and lauded Akismet plugin.  What it does is check visitor’s comments through Akismet’s web service which helps to identify if the comment resembles spam.  Akismet will notify the blog owner if certain posts look like spam so appropriate action can be taken.  The person whose blog it is can then determine if the comments should indeed be listed as spam or unspammed.  This plugin is also constantly being improved.

Twitterlink Comments adds an additional way for your website’s community members to connect – through their Twitter accounts. The other benefit is if the site owner wants to reply to a comment through a tweet, they will have the commenter’s Twitter handle easily available to them. Make certain to visit the settings page under Settings > Twitterlink Settings to modify your Twitter input box on the remark structure and where the commenter’s Twitter link will be displayed on their comment. Do not over-customize as people are accustomed to the standard design / working of the input box on other blog comment forms.

And last but certainly not least we have a plugin known as Subscribe to Comments.  It does exactly what its name implies by allowing commenters on blogs the opportunity to sign up for email notifications whenever there are subsequent comments posted.  What’s really neat about this plugin is that it also allows commenters the options of unsubscribing from selected posts, blocking any and all notifications and so on.

If you own a WordPress based blog and allow comments from your visitors, you would be well served to consider using these time-tested plugins.

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