Learning SEO Techniques Can Advance A Writing Career

Search engine optimization figures prominently among the many skills in the freelance web writer’s toolbox. In order for a writer to get clients to write for, and advance, he or she must understand that in the internet, SEO and writing careers go hand in hand.

SEO concerns itself with one primary goal as far as writers are concerned, which is to favorably position articles in the results lists of search engines. An article that is easily found by prospective readers will gain popularity not only with web users, but also with the browser programs themselves. Typically, these search engines will return an article more often in its results for relevant searches if the article is read by more people. This directly benefits the website which contains that article, but in reality a good piece of content will go a long way for the writer as well. For one, a written piece reflects the skill of the writer. If he or she consistently produces great pieces that engage readers, pretty soon the word will come out that this particular writer is skillful. The news may reach potential clients looking for someone to come up with articles for their website, and two ideas will form in their heads. One is that the writer in question will be able to come up with beautiful content that will magnify the prestige of their websites. The second is that the writer gets read by more people, and having his or her articles in their website will attract people. Both ideas have one effect in common, and that is career advancement for the freelance writer.

Better Exposure

A commonly-known fact in the writing business is that a piece of written material able to be read because it is available to readers is better than a hidden opus. In the internet, it can be said that being easy to find through search engines is more ideal than getting to write the best online material ever, only to be largely ignored because nobody can find the material. Therefore, it is imperative for an online writer to learn the ropes when it comes to SEO.

To write expertly with SEO in mind will ensure that your articles get easily found doing a search with any browser program. Since the average web surfer finds needed information online through these applications, the smart writer will have to be creative in order to make articles that follow key SEO guidelines and still maintain the meat of the content.

Networking with the Online Writing Community

Now that the importance of making search engine-friendly articles have been established, it is time to explore the significance of professional connections to a freelance writer.

If SEO techniques have been applied as they should to the writing of an online article, chances are it will become easily found by not only readers, but other writers and publishers as well. Provided that your articles are well-written, these professionals may hold the key to new and bigger writing assignments.

In this respect, you can build your budding network to touch increasingly prominent figures in the online writing scene. More projects will mean more items to include in your portfolio, and the income those assignments will bring.

Opportunities for Feedback and New Concepts

Constructive criticism is a privilege, not a slur. Honing one’s skills require the opinion of other people, such as readers and fellow writers, to point out strengths and weaknesses in one’s writing style. Getting more readership and internet visibility will ensure that your article will receive opinion from different points of view, reducing the risk of biased judgment. Statistically speaking, the larger the sample pool is, the more accurate the data. Useful critique is not the only advantage of getting reader feedback, though. Some will invariably offer suggestions. Some of these nuggets from your readers may even prove to be the concept you were looking for to use in your next piece of work.

Writing as a Source of Income

One of the more practical benefits of writing online is the opportunity to realize income. Simply put, good SEO when used in writing generates wide readership. Wide readership in turn attracts clients. Clients pay good money for well-written articles. Those articles will then attract a new set of readers, and the cycle begins anew. The result is continuous job offers and a steady stream of income for the writer.

With a little time and effort, a freelance writer can master basic SEO tactics that can be employed in writing new content. Having this skill in a writer’s arsenal benefits the freelancer in so many ways, proving once again that SEO is truly a godsend to anyone wishing to engage in business online.

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