Effective SEO Techniques for Bloggers

Making blogs may look like child’s play to the non-blogger, but in reality running a blog site requires adequate know-how for it to succeed. With the increasingly becoming short attention spans of readers in the internet, everyone has his or her own blog site to post fresh pieces regularly on anything and everything under the sun. The problem with blog sites that needs to be addressed is attracting a blog audience and keeping it enraptured to blog material. Effective search engine optimization strategies will help the blogger in this regard.

Keyword Usage

The foundation of a good SEO strategy is acquiring good keywords and placing them correctly in the blog site and its contents. Keywords should be richly appointed to blogs, and must be prominent enough to help readers find them easily. They should be placed in a way that the written content will appear to be written naturally, and not a vehicle overstuffed with keywords. Without proper usage, there is a big possibility that the blog site will be difficult to search for using browser programs.

Achieving High PageRank

Since blogs are usually personal in nature, they can be considered as the blogger’s own product or brand for promotion to other web users. An important aspect of maintaining a blog site is selecting the proper themes for each blog posted. To be more search engine friendly, it is generally better to keep to a single theme per blog. Choose ones that engage particular niches in the web, so that competing blogs with similar themes can be adequately benchmarked with. This way it would be easier to assess your blogs strengths and weaknesses with regard to PageRank.

Regularly Updating the Blog Site

Search engines constantly update their indexes for any new content that might have been added to the pages in their databases. Updated pages are more favored by these applications than those with old content. This is because the search engine would like to return the most relevant results to queries as possible and more recent information are considered more relevant than older ones. By regularly posting in a blog site, it gets re-indexed by the search engine more often. For efficient posting of updates a blogger may use a schedule system that will ensure new content are added to the blog site at a regular basis. Some blog networks like have features that allow the blogger to save pre-written posts for future publishing.

Good Quality Content

Effective SEO to promote a blog site does not rely on keywords alone. It is important that blogs should have meaningful content that readers will enjoy. Reading empty blogs will be perceived by users as a waste of their time and obviously this will have a negative effect on the reputation of the blogger, and the blog site as a whole.

SEO Content

Most bloggers often have a narrow focus with regard to SEO tactics. A lot depend on garnishing their blog content liberally with keywords and ignore the other parts. The best way to make the blog post search engine friendly is to optimize titles, meta tags and pictures as well. Keywords can be inserted into the text of these components and, by doing so, enhances the blog’s visibility in search engines. Alternatively, employing a variety of keywords and related words will also help.

Using Backlinks

The blog scene is comprised of internet net users who other web people consider as a single community. As a community, bloggers should interact effectively with each other to collectively promote their niche. Members of this group should take part in each other’s blogs and forums, and build a network of backlinks to connect their blog sites. Avoid the urge to highjack and add your backlink on every thread you can get your hands to. Instead, respect the thread by responding intelligently to the query at hand.

Social Networks

Social network websites present excellent opportunities for bloggers to promote their posts. It is perfectly okay to post backlinks in such networks as Facebook, to invite members to view a blog and possibly start a reader following. A good way to do this to backlink a blog feed to a blogger’s Facebook page. Doing so will post the update in the news feed page of Facebook friends.

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