How Web Hosting Loading Speed Impacts SEO?

Web hosting of websites and blogs is one of key things which matters a lot. When a website owner or blogger introduces his website/blog to someone, most of the people directly ask to website owners and bloggers, that how much you earn from your blog or website?

It takes just seconds to ask this question, why don’t they ask, how much effort it takes to bring a single visitor from search engine or making a regular reader on your blog. Google is search engine industry’s leader and people mostly follow Google to make searches and professional bloggers, internet marketers, companies and business professionals also target Google for better ranking in the searches.

Website loading speed matters in your website or blog’s SEO. Always remember, if you are hiring any SEO consultant, he would definitely take first step to move your hosting to most reliable hosting company in the world like BlueHost. BlueHost is one of the most liked and used hosting company in the world. If he [SEO Consultant] does not make this step in the start, you must ask him that “Is your hosting company reliable and good for making website/blog SEO optimized”.

The 5 Tips for WordPress Site SEO

WordPress has always been supportive for bloggers and users. WordPress Company started off in 2003 and WordPress free blog and open-source revolutionized the blogging. Where WordPress is easy to use for all type of users, it is also considered search engine friendly blogging platform.

Bloggers use a wide range of blogging and Content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, Typepad and Google’s blogger. WordPress has its own credibility and place in blogging platforms. The best thing about WordPress is it is easy to manage and optimize for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest challenge and dream of bloggers. WordPress users find it easy to optimize their blogs using SEO techniques and plugins available for WordPress blogs. You must host your WordPress blog on Reliable and fast web hosting.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

Web traffic derived from search engines is important in getting your website content appreciated by many. Any plan to create a search engine friendly website starts out with having a vision of what needs to be achieved, but concrete results can only be achieved through a series of concerted efforts starting from the basics.

Therefore, it is important to devise a search engine optimization strategy even while the website itself is still on the drawing board. A website optimized while still in the works will have a launch that is a roaring success when it happens, and will give the owner satisfaction from knowing every piece of content in the site has the potential to find itself in the collective awareness of the internet communities.

The hardest part of a SEO strategy is choosing which techniques to use in making it happen. The best way to go about this is to first gain basic understanding on the process itself. An aspiring SEO implementer should start by doing a proper research.

Top 10 SEO Tips For Video Content

Without any doubt, Vlogging or Video blogging is the future of blogging. Now bloggers are smart enough to realize the full potential and future of video blogging.

Many of them have even started it but still have no idea how to make it big.

On various top platforms like YouTube, you can find many Vloggers who upload their videos on daily basis and have thousands of subscribers.

But unfortunately, they do not have any idea for optimizing videos, in order to top the search results.

In this blog-post, you can find 10 SEO tips for video content that a normal blogger, without any idea of SEO could implement it.

So let us see them.

Search Engine Optimization Scams That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

A proven concept that helped many of the websites conducting their businesses in the internet is search engine optimization. This concept therefore is very popular to those wishing to sell their products or services online, and many professionals are jumping on the SEO bandwagon in providing these businesses the means to have favorable positions with the search engines. Although most of these so-called SEO services are legitimate and effective, a select number of scammers are likewise posing as search engine specialists online. It is a known fact that every niche in the web has its own gallery of rogues waiting in the wings to pounce on the uninitiated, and the field of SEO is no exception. These characters employ a variety of exploitative ways to milk money from inexperienced website owners, and most of these scams are founded upon the victims’ lack of knowledge in the concept. The internet is teeming with false testimonials and hype from seemingly satisfied customers. The biggest SEO scam out there is the one that claims its client websites get included in first page results for every Google search made. This is every bit impossible since there is no exact process known that predicts the behavior of the Google algorithm. Of course, for the promise to be valid requires a loophole. If a prudent person takes the time to read the fine print, usually he or she will find outrageous and improbable conditions for the promise to be kept. In the case of the given SEO scam, this might mean an outrageous and improbable keyword or term that nobody, your website included, would ever dream of using. To place first page for these keywords is only natural since there is nobody else to compete with for it. But if your website has no use for those keywords, then the whole exercise is pointless anyway, and costly to boot.

Mobile SEO – A Great Way To Improve Traffic And User Experience

Search Engine Optimization is major factor when it comes to the online success and popularity of a business. And if few years ago the SEO process was aiming only at the desktop PC users, now with the advance of the technology, it covers many of the mobile users as well. In fact roughly 30% of all internet searches are now performed on mobile devices and that is the subject of this article – namely the mobile SEO.

It is important for SEO specialists to understand that the mobile SEO is different in some ways from the regular search engine optimization – don’t forget that phones are not built like pc’s (or most of them). At first place, the mobile audience tend to use the web differently than the regular users, as they type on small keypads with the usage of their fingers or stylus. That slows the typing process and for that reason the predictive text plays major role in the search process. Furthermore, most of the users are engaged with other activities during their mobile search such as walking, lying on the couch or just standing in the mid of a crowded bus, so it is crucial for users to be able to browse your site effortlessly. Here are some of the tips that you should consider when it comes to mobile SEO and achieving maximum impact.

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